• Excellent ergonomic design CCD Barcode Scanner

    Good choice for retail, pharmacy

  • 3mil High Density long range CCD

    Robust Guy type design for industry, warehouse and general purpose

  • Miniature CCD scan engine

    Long Range and High Performance CCD Barcode Scanning Best for embedded applications, Mobile computer, Data capture application

About Us

The business established in 2009 Oct. 15th. Honglitek has been started as the Professional Auto ID Solution provider and the manufactuer of barcode scanner. Honglitek is a supplier of innovative barcode reader prodcuts for AIDC solutions and decoder applications. It offers innovative barcode reader prodcuts to the market in high quality assurance, outstanding technical supporting and after sales services.

We differentiate significantly from other suppliers by offering solutions such as barcode scanning, Auto ID Reader, hardware device design, auto ID application, leading data collector solutions as well as service provider. Honglitek focuses on ODM/OEM business model in AIDC solutions in a wide range of industries.

With our experiences in the AIDC market, we provide the best AIDC products and services to create more efficient supply chains, field sales services, retail operation and business cost reduction for our worldwide customers in almost every industry. Our reliable business partners who deliver successful solutions to small, medium and enterprise businesses choose Honglitek for value, performance and quality.

Our Commitments are to "Customer Satisfaction", We offer our customers an innovative products of outstanding quality, cost leadership, flexibility in meeting customers demands, efficiency in handling customer requests.